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Easy download Tiktok videos without app. Video Link is needed begin.

what's tiktok? another social thing?

First, if you don't know what Tiktok is, maybe you don't need to use this website.. But if you insist, of course stick around.. So if you want to know, Wikipedia says that Tiktok was first popular in China as "Douyin", and later spred their influence to Europe and Americas. Along the way this service was also known as and its main purpose was to facilitate recording and sharing of short lip-sync videos. Now it is more of a short-video looping and inspiring without boundaries... Something like that. Tiktok videos usually look a bit different from your normal youtube stuff, they are more crafted, there's more soul, less tra-ta-ta talking, and more showing, more visual.. It's quite exciting, check out their trending videos, if nothing else..

And so our website was born for the need to download tiktok videos has arisen. Feel free, save your friends' tiktok videos to your device, add their footage to your short videos for the reaction or just to have fun, and put that back on tiktok for all we care. Just make sure tell your friends we helped! :)

how to use website?

It is very easy to use our website. First you need to fall in love with tiktok, then you find your video, copy its link, submit it here and download the video. Very quick, very straightforward, almost classy.

1 - visit

2 - find video link

3 - come back here

4 - download video

how to copy tiktok video link?

open tiktok video in any web browser. browser adress bar will hold the video link. click on it and copy it to clipboard.

how to download tiktok video?

first you need to copy tiktok video link (explained above). then you need to open, after that - insert video link into the white box and submit. in the next screen right-click on any download button, select "Save as" to begin download...

do you have browser extension?

drag this link to your device bookmarks. After that, far in the future, when you find yourself on tiktok liking a video and possibly considering downloading it, simply click on the bookmark and quickly come to our website with link comfortably brought over for you. no need to use clipboard.

where do video files get stored?

in any browser, click CTRL+J - et voila, there are all of the files you've downloaded.

good media player recommendation?

we like VLC, it can play adio and video. but you can check out the internet for an alternative..

can you download videos

yes we can, because is now tiktok, all pages now redirect to tiktok. and even if they weren't, we can still work with them..

About download tiktok video

We are a shy folk, we like to talk about our friends' and relatives' accomplishments, not our own aspirations for greatness. but if you insist, we are John Danger and Spike Colorado, two cowboys threading our way thru the solemn desert of the west.. along the way we like to use tiktok and download our videos to our own PCs for safe keeping. That's how we've come up with the idea of centralized video downloads from tiktok. To make it easier to download videos from tiktok we have learned its ways and are happy to deliver our knowledge to you.

Our promise to you (users)

We promise to look after this website, this essential service for the wellbeing of all nations. We will provide a way to download tiktok videos even if it will cost us our sanity! That's a promise we are going to deliver. Cause we like tiktok and need to download those videos, so we will maintain this site to be in good working conditions. Youtube mp3 converter always!!

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